Aladdin A-maze-ing Map Game

On this page, you'll play the game Aladdin A-maze-ing Map, one of your best free aladdin games!!! Aladdin?s Amazing Map teams you up with Aladdin (and of course his friend the genie) to help Aladdin find his way out of a challenging underground world, full of tricks and challenges. First you need to find him the safest route through it and then you need to move him carefully (but quickly) so that he gets out in one piece. You?ll need all your wits about you to succeed in this game!

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Click and hold the mouse to draw Aladdin?s route. Then use the arrow keys to guide Aladdin past the obstacles. Be as quick as you can because you?re against the clock, the quicker you finish, the more points you win.
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