Aladdin Spot 6 Diff Game

On this page, you'll play the game Aladdin Spot 6 Diff, one of your best free aladdin games!!! In order to help Aladdin today, you will have to spot the differences that appear within the images. You will be given two images in parallel and you will have to mark the six differences that appear. After you manage to solve the first pair of images, you will then be able to get to the next one. You will receive 100 points when you find a difference, but you will lose 10 points if you make a wrong click

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Aladdin Spot 6 Diff Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Start the game by LEFT clicking on the Play button and wait for the images to load. You will have a double cursor that will move on both images and you will have to find the differences with it. When you find a difference, you can LEFT click on the mouse in order to mark the differences.
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