Aladdin Games

In the 1992 Disney movie Aladdin, a young thief named Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine in the town of Agrabah. The two fall in love but since Jasmine can only marry a prince, their love seems doomed until Aladdin discover a magic lamp and free the genie inside, earning three wishes. Aladdin uses a wish to turn himself into a prince, earning the right to be with Jasmine. Alas, the spell does not last but true love prevails in the end. The adventures of Aladdin and Jasmine are part of the fun with the Aladdin games. Read more about our 46 aladdin games ...

Enjoy playing a wide variety of Aladdin games in which you can color, do puzzles and enjoy dressing Jasmine and the fun, whimsical Genie. Help Aladdin find the magic lamp and then free the Genie, then complete a series of tasks that will help Aladdin win the heart of Jasmine and the permission of her father for them to marry. Save Jasmine when mean Jafar makes her a prisoner or finish other tasks to make Aladdin a prince and then become her true prince in the end. Of course, no Aladdin game would be complete without a magic carpet, so enjoy flying Aladdin and Jasmine around, avoid the evil Jafar and get the couple to their happily ever after ending. There are many tasks to complete, obstacles to avoid and fun games and puzzles to play. These games are great for both boys and girls and offer endless hours of fun and entertainment.