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On this page, you'll play the game Art Print, one of your best free dress up games!!! Artists are quirky and fashionable we all know. They dress in their own unique styles and can stand out in the crowd with ease. But here is a painter, who needs your help to dress up for the day, before she can complete the painting she has been working on. There isn?t much time, for she needs to finish it fast, but at first, she needs to get dressed in stylish clothes from her wardrobe. Pick from an interesting array of handkerchief tops, asymmetrical cuts, geometrical patterns and flowing tops from the tabs provided. Pair the short tops with cute bottoms. Bottoms range from super short pants to skinny leggings that team perfectly well with the quirky uppers. The tabs on the top of the page are placed side by side, so you can pick the options easily. Pair the outfit with matching earrings and neckpieces and get her a matching pair of shoes. When you are finished dressing your painter avatar, you can save the picture to see later or take a print out and show the hard copy to your friends. You can play the game many times, using a variety of combinations of the dresses, accessories, and hair.

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Art Print Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Art Print is a mouse based game and the CLICK option of the mouse can be used to play this game. CLICK on the PLAY button to enter the game and begin playing. CLICK on the different tabs to enter the options. When you are finished, click on the DONE button. You can click on the tab with the PRINTER image to take a print out and the CAMERA image tab to SAVE a copy. CLICK on the HOME button to return to playing again.
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