Assemble The Transformer Game

On this page, you'll play the game Assemble The Transformer, one of your best free transformers games!!! In Assemble The Transformer game, you need to assemble the body parts of the of the robot on its impression. To do this task, you need to use the scattered body parts, that you will find on the left side parts holding bar. Though you will find these parts to be placed in a puzzled way, Pick them correctly and complete the picture to bring the right image of the Robot by placing its head, chest, legs, hands, internal machineries accordingly.

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Assemble The Transformer Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on START button. In the game stage, you will find various body parts of a Robot on the left side technical box, on the right side a light trace of a body of the Robot will appear before you. You need to CLICK on these parts and DRAG them onto the impression of the Robot and to assemble them accordingly. While doing this task, you need to pick every parts carefully and to place them on the appropriate position to complete the model.
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