ATV Games

Racing games are great. Truck games are also cool. But when it comes to non-tarmac races, all-terrain vehicles are the most outrageous vehicles you can race, online or in real life! Find out why many are addicted to all-terrain vehicles by trying these free Flash ATV games. Have fun playing! Read more about our 46 atv games ...

If you like maneuvering an ATV through obstacle courses, try the many games in this collection. In some of these games, you have to race an ATV to the finish line while also maintaining balance; otherwise, it's easy to flip the vehicle over if you go too fast. For instance, in Gator Hop (High Lifter), you have to maneuver through muddy terrain. See if you can make the big jump at the end of the course; if you make it, you move on to the next level. You have to gain momentum and time your jump so that you don't fall into the thick mud. You can also find other games of different player perspectives: top view, side view, or driver's perspective. You can also play the role of a pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean ATV, where you get to drive through a cool obstacle course. Have fun!