Audi 3D Racing Car in City Game

On this page, you'll play the game Audi 3D Racing Car in City, one of your best free car in city games!!! This is a racing game inspired in the popular German manufacturer. Immerse yourself into amazing three dimensional environments while you drive among many destinations. Choose the color you prefer and prepare yourself for a dose of high speed. You will progress as you win races unlocking new challenges and locations. Avoid crashing against your opponents and try to stay on track since you will lose speed if you fail to do so.

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Audi 3D Racing Car in City Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Control your vehicle using the directional arrows. Accelerate using the Up key, brake with the Down key, and turn sideways pressing the Left and Right keys. Press the the P key to access the pause menu and the M key to mute all sounds.
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