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On this page, you'll play the game Avatar Amour, one of your best free dress up games!!! Avatar Amour is the game of a hulder maiden who meets a man in the hinterlands she lives in. this is a dress up game, where you get to dress up the beautiful and mystical hulder maiden, for she is about to take in her next prey, a human male. Folklore says hulders are beautiful maidens with superhuman strength, and they use their beautiful looks to charm young men into following them to their caves, where the men give up their souls to live with the hulder for their entire lives. The hulder will sometimes fall in love with her man, and marry him and live with him happily ever after. In the process she becomes human, and loses her tail, the physical characteristic that separates her from human females. In this game, you have to help our hulder lady dress up like a human female, and also her human male partner, so they can get to the church and marry and begin their happily ever after. It is up to you to start a supernatural love story, so get to work! Choose the shape of the eyes, face, hair and dress for both the man and the hulder maiden, and transform their appearances. Choose the dress styles and colors from the tabs provided. You can give a modern day look to the characters, or go back to the Viking Age according to your choice. Choose a background from the tab on the top of the screen, and you can set the time of the day to either afternoon or night by clicking on the tabs. When you are satisfied with the looks, you can see the human-hulder couple in full screen by clicking on SHOW.

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Avatar Amour Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Avatar Amour game with the CLICK of the mouse. CLICK on the various tabs, to choose options. An image of a male indicates the dress choices for the human male on the right side of the screen, and an image of a woman with a tale snaking around her knees indicates the options for the hulder maiden. CLICK on the BG tab on the top of the screen to find the menu to choose background. CLICK on SHOW to see the final look, and CLICK on RESET to begin playing. In the beginning of the game CLICK on BEGIN GAME to start playing.
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