Avatar Puzzle Neytiri Game

On this page, you'll play the game Avatar Puzzle Neytiri, one of your best free avatar games!!! Welcome to "Avatar Puzzle," where you can recreate a photo of the "Avatar" movie character from scrambled pieces by sliding them around to the correct positions. There is a small version of the original photo at the upper left as a guide. If you want you may change the number of pieces in the scrambled picture to a minimum of 2-by-2 pieces or up to a maximum of 12-by-12 pieces.

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Avatar Puzzle Neytiri Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click and hold the photo pieces with your left mouse button and slide them around until you have recreated the original photo. For an easier or more difficult puzzle change the number of pieces in the array by clicking the up or down arrows on the "Change Difficulty" boxex at the top of the screen.
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