Avatar Treetop Trouble Game

On this page, you'll play the game Avatar Treetop Trouble, one of your best free avatar games!!! Based on the story of ?The Last Airbender?, Treetop Trouble is a fun online game. Sokka?s village has been over-run and he was captured, but has managed to escape. Now, you need to help Sokka save his village by guiding him through the treetops. Keep him out of the way of archers? arrows and look out for Jet, who sees Sokka as an enemy and will pursue him at all costs.

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Avatar Treetop Trouble Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The up and down arrows take Sokka up and down ropes, while the left and right arrows move him left and right, push both together if he needs extra strength to fight Jet. Spacebar makes Sokka jump and CTRL throws his boomerang.
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