Baby Diaper Change Game

On this page, you'll play the game Baby Diaper Change, one of your best free baby games!!! Lucy is a great child but even she needs her diaper changed and you can help her mother with this issue. Lucy barely woke up and she does not enjoy feeling uncomfortable so you should change her diaper as fast as possible. However, in order for Lucy to remain happy, you might also be required to fulfill other needs of the small baby. Give her a toy or play with her if you want her to be content.

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Baby Diaper Change Game controls, cheat codes, ...
There are various things you need to take care of and you can start by LEFT CLICKING on the PLAY button. Lucy needs more than a diaper change and as you see her wishes, you can react. You can pick up an item by LEFT CLICKING on it and then you can give it to the small girl, again by LEFT CLICKING on her. You can also directly use items by simply LEFT CLICKING on them once.
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