Bakugan Games

Bakugan Battle Brawlers, known more commonly simply as Bakugan, started as a Japanese action adventure cartoon series. The TV series featured a group of creatures called Bakugan who battle against a variety of enemies. While the original TV series actually was not popular in Japan, the cartoon became very popular in Canada and the United States, eventually spawning a series of action toys and video games. Read more about our 64 bakugan games ...

There are several popular Bakugan Battle Brawler characters that appear in these fun games, such as Dan, Julie, Marucho, Alice, Shun and Runo. Players get to pick which character they want to be and then battle other players to see who will be the victor. One of the primary objectives of playing Bakugan is to caputre Gate cards, which change the battle rules. In addition, each Bakugan has a G-Power special ability, which changes depending upon the Gate cards as well. The character with the highest G-Power rating at the end of the game wins! You get to find treasures, participate in adventure and of course, encounter Battle Brawlers in these Bakugan games. Play to get the highest G-Power possible and capture those important Gate cards. Players can play online alone or against friends and can play more than one character at one time. Watch out, these games can be so much fun that you might forget to do anything else!