Batman and Joker Game

On this page, you'll play the game Batman and Joker, one of your best free batman games!!! Batman and Joker is a puzzle game where you would have to piece together a Batman picture. There is no time frame and hence, gamers get to play it in their leisure hours. The game has a photo frame kind of feel and the background score adds to the excitement of the puzzle game. The game is rather easy and is best suited for kids who are probably bin awe with Batman and Joker.

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Batman and Joker Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click on PLAY to begin playing. Once inside, click on the RED BUTTON in the left corner to get your puzzle piece. LEFT CLICK the same and DRAG it to its position. Click the RED BUTTON again and follow the steps until you complete the picture. Click on the SOUND button in the right bottom corner to stop or play the background music. There is no need to seek help from the keyboard.
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