Batman Rotate Puzzle Game

On this page, you'll play the game Batman Rotate Puzzle, one of your best free batman games!!! Batman is a powerful superhero and he takes care of lots of villains each day. However, sometimes, he wants to relax and so should you. You will have the possibility to play a nice game today and you will not have to fight the enemies of Batman. You will have to recreate different images of Batman's life in these puzzle games and you can choose between different difficulty levels in order to have more fun.

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Batman Rotate Puzzle Game controls, cheat codes, ...
This puzzle game is quite simple and you will be able to start it by LEFT clicking on the Play button. There are multiple levels and you will get to them as you progress through the game. You will be able to rotate the puzzle pieces in order to recreate the image that you need to with the aid of the LEFT mouse button.
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