Batman Thief Locator Game

On this page, you'll play the game Batman Thief Locator, one of your best free batman games!!! In Batman Thief Locator, use the thief locator gadget by clicking on the grid to scan the streets of Gotham City and apprehend the super villains. The amount of moves are limited and hence, keep a close eye on the counter. You would lose the game if you run out of moves as you would lose the villain's trace. Clear the stage and get bonus points. The bag of money would also get you bonus points.

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Batman Thief Locator Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click PLAY to enter the game. LEFT CLICK on the city blocks to locate the villains. The arrows show the direction. RED ARROW means the villain is close, YELLOW ARROW means medium distance and BLUE ARROW means long distance. KABUKI THUG gets you an additional move. Clicking on TRAP or BOOBY TRAP would cost you 1 move and 3 moves respectively. GREEN BOX means you are close to a BAG OF MONEY or KABUKI THUG.
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