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On this page, you'll play the game Be a Fashion Designer, one of your best free fashion games!!! In this fashion game, you need to play the role of a perfect makeover artist. Here you have to give a new look to a beautiful girl, standing at the right side of the game stage. To complete her dress up , you need to access the attractive collections of left side fashion case. Starting from picking up a top, bottom, collar, sleeves, shoes, fashion accessories to pay attention to her look by changing her skin tone, hairstyle, eye makeup,lip colouring, crown choosing. Make sure to give her the best possible look. To widen your choice, you can explore the colour pallets located below every section to make the look more attractive.

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CLICK PLAY to start. On game stage, you will find a case, decked up with options in skin tone, eye makeup kits, lip coloring kits , hairstyles outfits, sleeves, footwear, fashion accessories. At the bottom line of every segment, you will find different shades. CLICK on the style on each section and CLICK on the shade you want to use for the girl and view the change. To move onto the new section, CLICk on the ARROW buttons, located at the right below the game stage. To view option in every section, CLICK on the small arrow attached with every part .Once you finish the makeover, CLICK on SHOW button and view the complete look. To start again, CLICK on REPLAY button.
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