Beach Buggy Game

On this page, you'll play the game Beach Buggy, one of your best free dune buggy games!!! Beach Buggy is an interesting buggy driving game where you are required to drive your buggy across the sandy beaches and deliver ice-cream boxes to the children before they melt. You need to drive carefully or the ice-cream boxes could get knocked off the buggy. You can?t drive too slowly; as a clock is ticking away and your ice-creams are melting in the sun. Deliver the maximum number of boxes to increase your score. You also get a time bonus for fast delivery. You lose a level, if you don?t deliver the minimum specified amount of ice-cream boxes. Enjoy the buggy ride and have fun delivering ice-creams.

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Beach Buggy Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click the START button to get started and choose a level to proceed. Choose your buggy and click the START button again to get going. You can control your beach buggy by using the UP arrow = accelerate, DOWN arrow = reverse, LEFT and RIGHT arrows = balance the vehicle, and SPACE key = brake. Reach the finish line before the time runs out. Be careful! the beach dunes can knock off your ice-cream boxes. The more boxes you deliver and the faster you deliver, the better your score.
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