Beat 'Em Up Games

Beat 'Em Up Games typically involve one character skilled in martial arts or melee combat running around a large side-scrolling universe full of enemies that must be taken out at whatever cost. Beat 'Em Up games originated in the late 70's and have rapidly gained in popularity. Flash Beat 'Em Up games tend to be easy to play with simple but stylish animated graphics. Read more about our 72 beat 'em up games ...

There are a lot of different types of Beat 'Em Up games available to play. You could choose to be a fantasy warrior with powerful combat weapons or perhaps a Kung-Fu master skilled in the martial arts of hand-to-hand combat. Regardless of the character or gaming universe you choose, there will be many enemies to defeat. In most classic Beat' Em Up games you will navigate dangerous worlds full of enemies that may have different skill levels. Usually you will encounter a powerful boss at the end of every level, and will have to uncover a secret to learn how to effectively defeat it. Beat 'Em Up games are fun because they are really easy to play, the action is fast-paced with plenty of interesting tricks and attacks that can be performed, and controlling your character can be done easily with your mouse and several keyboard control keys. Try them out and you'll be hooked for sure!