Beautiful Legs Makeover Game

On this page, you'll play the game Beautiful Legs Makeover, one of your best free manicure games!!! Pretty feet are the first steps to having the world literally under your feet. Now with Beautiful Legs Makeover you can let loose your imagination and paint your feet pretty! The tabs on the right side of the screen provide the options of nail color, skin color, toe rings, ankle bracelet, tattoo, and shoes. Clicking on each tab will take you into a whole new world of options, and the huge variety is will open new possibilities of fashion for you. You can choose from designed nail colors, and then apply the color individually on each toe. If you don?t like one color, choose another and apply it to see if you like. Just pick and apply. No need to use remover to remove previous color! Choose the skin tone for your feet and also ornate rings and ankle bracelets. When you click on a tab, the options show on a mirror like panel on the left side of the page, so you can easily pick and choose. Finish off with stylish shoes to complete the look.

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Beautiful Legs Makeover Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Beautiful Legs Makeover is a mouse based game where you have to use the CLICK, DRAG and DROP actions to play the game. CLICK on each tab to enter into it. Then CLICK on an option, and to apply it, DRAG it and DROP it on the feet. For the nail color, choose the color by choosing. A nail coloring brush will appear on the screen as the cursor. CLICK on a toe tip to apply the color. You can choose multiple colors for different toes repeating the same action. CLICK on FINISH to complete the game. You can share the final image with your friends on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook symbol on the bottom of the page.
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