Bejeweled Jasmine Game

On this page, you'll play the game Bejeweled Jasmine, one of your best free aladdin games!!! Welcome to "Bejeweled Jasmine," an exotic puzzle game! Upon starting you are greeted with a panel in the middle filled with palm trees, lamps, flowers, crescents, hearts, diamonds and crowns in an eight-by-eight array. Your goal is to line up three like objects so they will disappear and other objects will fall in their place from above. You must line them up across or up-and-down, not diagonally, to earn points.

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Bejeweled Jasmine Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Find two like objects next to one another in a row and a third object nearby which can be swapped with an unlike object to give three in a row. When you find this, click the nearby like object and then click the unlike object next to the two like objects. They will swap and the three will disappear and be replaced.
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