Ben 10 Waterfall Jump Game

On this page, you'll play the game Ben 10 Waterfall Jump, one of your best free ben 10 games!!! Ben 10 Waterfall Jump is a plain and simple Ben 10 game where you would have to get the Omnitrix in each of the levels to proceed further into the game. The controls are easy as well and thus the game would surely impress the Ben 10 lovers. Proceed through the levels by killing alien creatures. Interestingly, Ben uses shuriken to kill the creatures and doesn't morph into any of his alien forms. Yet, Ben 10 Ben 10 Waterfall Jump would surely appeal to the kids.

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Ben 10 Waterfall Jump Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The controls for Ben 10 Ben 10 Waterfall Jump are rather simple. Once you get inside by clicking on PLAY, use UP arrow key to jump. Use the RIGHT and LEFT key for movement in the respective direction. Use SPACE BAR to fire. Gather points as much as you can and remember to take the Omnitrix to get to the next level. Once you complete a level, click on NEXT to proceed.
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