Beyblade Basketball Game

On this page, you'll play the game Beyblade Basketball, one of your best free beyblade games!!! This is a basketball game designed for the kids. The game is rather simple and all you would have to do is to score maximum number of times of the 20 chances that you would get. During this, the character would be constantly placed at different points and you would have to judge the distance, angle of throw, power to be put into the same and score.

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Beyblade Basketball Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click PLAY to enter the game. Once inside,DRAG the mouse to aim the ball at the basket. Increase or decrease the distance of the cursor from the ball to decide the power to be put in the throw. Once you have aimed, LEFT CLICK to throw the ball. You would get 20 chances. Once the game is over, click on PLAY AGAIN to start afresh. You may even click RESTART in the middle of the game.
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