Beyblade Games

Kids around the world were once addicted to Beyblade, the hit anime series revolving around a little boy who can spin a top to save his life. Even years after Beyblade was first released on television, fans continue to make Beyblade games as a tribute to the wonderful anime. Have fun! Read more about our 56 beyblade games ...

There is something here for mature and young gamers alike. Young gamers can try the Beyblade Online Coloring Game. Kids can find over 80 colors in this free game. All the areas for shading are grouped together, giving kids the chance to use the same color on similar areas. After the coloring session, you can enter your name and get the chance to see your artwork with your name printed on it! For mature gamers, try playing Rip It (Beyblade Metal Fusion). You can play the role of Gingka, Kyoya, or Benkei in a fight with Doji. Doji tends to play dirty, so always keep an eye on him. Try your luck at becoming the best Beyblader in this game. There's also Rip Zone, a game where you have to connect three or more Beyblades to get an energy boost for your next match. But be warned: you'll get addicted!