Bike Racing Games

If you like driving fast cars, how would you like to play bike racing games for a change? Put your car back in the garage, so to speak; bring out the biker in you when you play these cool bike racing games. Find out if you'll make a great biker! Read more about our 31 bike racing games ...

Play different genres of racing games in this collection. Some games require you to get to the finish line as fast as possible, plain and simple. Others have more complicated objectives, with obstacles on the road for you to avoid. Some require maneuvering skills more than speed, with tight turns on the course that just might make you crash your bike if you weren't too careful. In Code Lyoko, you need to finish several laps around a course before your opponents do. You have several lives and you lose one whenever you crash your bike violently, so be careful. There is also a service lane, just like in any real-life race. Get the nitro boosts on the road before your opponents do if you are desperate for a speed power-up! Crazy Bike has an easier interface but you can't go too fast or your bike will overheat. Enjoy them all!