Bike Games

It's easy to understand why you might enjoy riding a bike in real life. Your heart starts pumping, you feel the wind in your face, and adrenaline surges through your blood. But you get a similar adrenaline rush from playing bike games! Find out which bike games suit you best! Read more about our 60 bike games ...

There are different bike games here that you can play. For instance, there's Pokemon BMX for gamers who love the Pokemon animated series. The game has clean, fun graphics, perfect for young gamers. The objective is easy, too: collect Pokemon monsters as you ride your bike through the city and avoid crashing your bike, or else you lose a life. If you want another game that is equally easy to play, try Bicycle Motor. Using darts, you have to shoot down enemies dropping from the sky on parachutes. Although you are riding a bike, you are actually floating in mid-air. The cute animation makes this game perfect for youngsters. In Brave Boy, you play the role of a young bully who uses his bike to run over dogs and other obstacles on the road. More mature gamers can try playing BMX Extreme or BMX Ramp. Have fun and good luck!