Blizzard Racing Hazard Game

On this page, you'll play the game Blizzard Racing Hazard, one of your best free car pursuit games!!! If you fond of speed then this game will give you the best gaming experience. This racing game not only needs you to win the race as fast as possible but on the way you need to ensure that you dismiss your competitors so that they are not able to reach the end of the game. In this process make sure you do not damage your car as this will be harm your game.

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Blizzard Racing Hazard Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Select PLAY to begin the game. The ARROW KEYS will help you to navigate the car. Use the UP and RIGHT or LEFT key simultaneously to make the cars go off the track. See to it that your car does not smoke as this would mean that your car is damaged and you will not be able to continue the race further with as much speed that you were playing. The controls of the game are indeed simple.
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