Bowman duel Game

On this page, you'll play the game Bowman duel, one of your best free bow games!!! Bowman duel is an archery game where you can test you aiming skills. Even if you may not have had the chance of holding a real bow and arrow, you can fulfill that dream here through this game. You need to ensure that you hit your opponent before he hits you. You can also move your bow to dodge your opponent's arrow and save yourself. the person who kills first will win the game.

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Bowman duel Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The game can be controlled with the help of your mouse. select PLAY to begin the game. Use your mouse to fix your aim. CLICK once to fix the aim. CLICK again to release the arrow. CLICK on the screen to return back to your position. You can use the mouse to move the bow to dodge a possible arrow and save your life. Click on left or right of the screen to see the enemy.
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