Business Woman Makeover Game

On this page, you'll play the game Business Woman Makeover, one of your best free makeover games!!! Welcome to "Business Woman Makeover," where you get to make a young woman look pretty and professional to go to her office. You can pick from eight hairstyles, eight businesslike outfits, eight eye colors, eight shades of eye shadow, eight shades of eyeliner, eight styles of eyebrow liner, eight colors of lipstick, eight shades of blush, eight shades of foundation and eight accessory options (which may be glasses, a scarf, a name tag or some combination).

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Business Woman Makeover Game controls, cheat codes, ...
For most things, simply click on your choice. For makeup, you need to first click on your choice and then click on her face. Clicking more than once may give an enhanced effect.
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