Car in City Games

It's nice to drive a car on tarmac. That's why many gamers prefer to drive a car in city games instead of in rough-terrain games. And really, that's understandable. Check out the car in city games on this page and find out which ones you like the most. Enjoy playing! Read more about our 56 car in city games ...

You can play any of the Slam Drift games to test your steering skills. The tutorial map is infinite ? you have many courses to choose from, but you must accomplish certain tasks for you to gain points. You have to be capable of making different kinds of turns: sharp turns, 360-degree turns, hairpin turns, and many more. In the actual game, you need to avoid bumping into police cars. Try not to crash into walls and survive as long as you can. You should drive with care while running away from authorities. It sounds challenging, and it is! If you like a game that is just as hard, go for The Extendables. Your goal is to finish first in a race to the finish line. There are mines that explode under your bike if you drive into them, so be careful. Finish three different levels and get a new car!