Car Lot Chasers Drag Racing Game

On this page, you'll play the game Car Lot Chasers Drag Racing, one of your best free drag racing games!!! In Car Lot Chasers you must try to collect all chaser?s cars. You start with one car, but if you race against your opponent and win, you win his car also. Start by racing a slower car and then try with faster cars. Even if your car is slower, you can win the race by driving it well and making use of the turbo and other helps on the track.

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Car Lot Chasers Drag Racing Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Move backwards with the down key, and move forwards with the up key. The left and right key can be used to move from side to side. The space bar will activate your nitro acceleration. To view the status of any of your cars, simply click them; you'll also have the option to discard them. Clicking your opponent's cars will let you race them or see their status.
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