Car Pursuit Games

It's tempting to always run away from authorities when you get in trouble, but you can't really do that in real life. Of course, you can play out that scenario in the virtual world anytime! And by playing car pursuit games, you actually get points for running away from cops. Read more about our 63 car pursuit games ...

These car pursuit games give new meaning to racing games as you are no longer just trying to get to the finish line first; you have to outrun and outsmart police cars on the road who are off to catch you! For instance, in Car Pursuit in the City, you have to pick up ten boxes and deliver them to the dock before the cop cars ? which are hot on your tracks ? catch up with you. In Highway Hunter, you play the role of a rogue criminal on the loose who shoots at civilian cars and police cars to get a high score. You will need to collect ammunition on the road to make sure you always have bullets. And then there's Car Eats Car, a game that could have been straight out of a horror movie. Here, a beat-up truck is hot on your heels. Enjoy playing these games!