Car Stunt On Road Game

On this page, you'll play the game Car Stunt On Road, one of your best free car for girls games!!! Car Stunt On Road is a game that can be played by players ranging from any age. This is a sheer fun game that involves bright fancy cars. You need to change the lane of your car without crashing on to another car. Every time you crash on to another car while changing your lane or otherwise you lose thousand points. Score the maximum in the time given to you to win the game.

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Car Stunt On Road Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click on START the begin this fun game. You can change the lane of your car with the help of the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the LEFT and Right arrow keys on the keyboard to change the lane. The cars come coming very fast hence you must take immediate action. The RESTART option will help you play the game again to score more. You can crash only thrice before the game gets over.
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