Car Tuning Games

If you've always dreamed of customizing your car but can't afford to, try playing these car tuning games on your browser for free! Through these games, you can repaint your car and change the mags. If you like puzzles, there are car tuning games that require you to assemble parts. Read more about our 66 car tuning games ...

Ferrari Fixing is a game you can play for free; it has great graphics! You have to fix the Ferrari by reassembling its parts, but always pay attention to the countdown timer. Try to finish the job while you have time for you to proceed to the next level. The parts stay in place if you put them on the chassis correctly. You can move the cursor over the chassis to see which parts are missing; just see the blue outline and you'll figure it out. With three minutes on the clock, you have to work fast! Another interesting game is Roger, Fix My Wheels. A girl will come up to you, asking you to fix her car. She will give specific instructions and it's your job to give her exactly what she wants. You then have to test-drive the car. So many games to play - you better start now!
  1. Car Tuning 3D
    Car Tuning 3D 0 23936 Car Tuning 3D Car Tuning 3D
  2. Build Your Ford Mustang Engine
  3. Volvo Motor Factory Car Tuning
  4. Customize Your Ride V5.3 Car Tuning
  5. Bug Selecta Car Tuning
  6. Pimp my Mitsubushi Lancer Sportback Ralliart Car Tuning
  7. Volkswagen Beetle Car Tuning
  8. Create a Ride V2 Car Tuning
  9. Flash Mac Queen Car Tuning
  10. Pimp my Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 Car Tuning
  11. Mini Cooper Car Tuning
  12. BMW M5 Car Tuning
  13. Pimp my Honda Fit Sport Car Tuning
  14. Boost up Your Car With Harry Car Tuning
  15. Pimp my Jaguar XF Car Tuning
  16. Pimp my Rolls Royce Phantom Silver Car Tuning
  17. Fix my Car Classic Car
  18. Car Tune my Old Race Car
  19. Tune my Peugeot 308 HDi Car Tuning
  20. Car Tune my Renault Scenic
  21. Pimp my Mercedes Benz SLR 722 Car Tuning
  22. Girls'n'Wheels Car Tuning
  23. Pimp my Pontiac GTO Car Tuning
  24. Pimp my Mustang Car Tuning
  25. Pimp my Infiniti FX45 Car Tuning
  26. Car Tune my Audi A3 TDI
  27. Car Tuning 2
    Car Tuning 2 0 1114 Car Tuning 2 Car Tuning 2
  28. Fix my 50's Sports Car
  29. Dodge Viper Dressup Car Tuning
  30. Pimp my Vette
    Pimp my Vette 0 1050 Pimp my Vette Pimp my Vette
  31. Pimp my Toyota IQ 04 Car Tuning
  32. Karting Car Tuning
  33. Pimp My Hoonda
  34. Maserati Car Tuning
  35. Pimp my Cherokee 2008 Car Tuning
  36. Car Tuning Decorate
  37. Pimp my Toyota 576 Car Tuning
  38. Pimp my One-off Ferrari P45 Car Tuning
  39. Fashion Ride 2009 Car Tuning
  40. Car Tuning 2013
  41. Pimp my Infiniti G37 Car Tuning
  42. Pimp my Dodge Viper GT3 Car Tuning
  43. Flash Tuning Car GT
  44. Pimp my Race Car Model 1 Car Tuning
  45. Pimp my Cute Car Tuning
  46. Pimp my Fisker Karma 2010 Car Tuning
  47. Pimp my Hyundai Hrd 5 Car Tuning
  48. Pimp my FPV GT 2008 Car Tuning
  49. Pimp my Spyker Car Tuning
  50. Tuning 4 Dates