Cars Games

If you happen to be a big fan of the computer-animated movie from Disney entitled Cars, try these games and find one that best entertains you. These Cars Games were inspired by the original Cars franchise, given its huge success in the box office. Find out which games are addicting! Read more about our 34 cars games ...

You can play the role of Lightning McQueen in several Cars games. There are also a few jigsaw puzzle games for you to complete, all of which reveal a wonderful shot of Lightning McQueen and other Cars characters. In Cars McQueen Scene Maker, you can change the way Lightning McQueen looks while adding different Cars characters to the scene. You also have the option of adding traffic lights, sign posts, and speed limits. In Cars Spot The Difference, you are shown two similar pictures and you have to identify which parts of both pictures are slightly different from each other. But be careful; you get deductions and lose a life whenever you make a mistake! Find out how observant you are while working under time pressure! In Loo Games, you can change the way Lightning McQueen looks. Give him a spoiler or change the design on his body. Have fun!