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On this page, you'll play the game Charming Mom to Be, one of your best free girls games!!! Here is one fashionable to-be mommy out on a day of fun and some shopping. She is a charming young woman, and she needs to look her best on her day out. What is she going to wear? She has more options that she can choose from, and you have to help her pick up her dress for the day outing. Start off with mommy to-be?s hairstyle. Give her long straight locks, or wavy chic flowing hair, or even a fashionable bun she would love to flaunt. Choose from hair colors like golden, red, dark brown or honey. You can also change her hair color to go with the dress you are choosing for her. Her tops are some of the most fashionable you will find, with polka dots and rainbow colors being the hot favorites. You can also choose a funky tee to go with her jeans, if you are going for casual. If it is dressy, then go for the flowing dresses, she has stashed in her wardrobe. Pick out a jacket to match her dress, or as a casual throw on. Danglers for the ear, neckpieces, hair accessories and a cute little teddy bear complete her look. Click Show if you are done. Click Reset if you want a different look.

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Charming Mom to Be is a mouse based game and you have to make all the choices with the CLICK of you mouse. The right hand side panel on the screen is where you will find the options of hair, dress and accessories, and two cute pick arrows on either side help you jump from one choice to another in each section. The entire game is set in a soothing pink color tone. CLICK to turn off the music when you are concentrating hard on the dress choice, because no one ever said fashion is easy.
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