Classic Car Race Game

On this page, you'll play the game Classic Car Race, one of your best free car games!!! Classic Car Race redefines the arcade flash in a completely new manner. With the classic options at he disposal the user is usually pitted against opponents owning the same. The highways are specially designed with high levels of detailing to help witness an enthralling contest. Two modes can be played along involving the arcade which has the associated drift system while the stimulation mode allows real time inclusions.

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Classic Car Race Game controls, cheat codes, ...
PLAY needs to be clicked to open the window of choices. Career, time trials or single player options can be chosen from as per the convenience. Controls remain basic with UP arrow=accelerating the vehicle, DOWN arrow=reverse acceleration and brakes and the LEFT and RIGHT arrows= navigate the vehicle directionally. The ESC key= pauses the game while the ENTER key= game return to the main menu. Lap timings and sudden turns need to be considered.
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