Cleaning Games

So, you're a neat freak. You tend to keep your table really tidy. Your laundry never piles up and you always know where your keys are. If you like keeping everything clean, you might as well score some points from it by trying out this collection of cleaning games. Enjoy! Read more about our 31 cleaning games ...

With these games, you can clean anything from rooms, cars, restaurants, and backyards. In most games, you have to work under time pressure. Try to clean up before the time is up for you to proceed to the next stage. Find trash and throw it away; fold clothes and keep them in the cabinet. Bring some order to any room you want; feel free to go through all the games you see because all these games are free! For instance, in Virtual Storage, you play the role of a girl who has to clean up after a rather successful party. You have to pick up trash, sweep the floor, and gather gifts in one corner. In Road Accident Cleaning, an accident made a huge mess on the highway and you need to clean up. Return the mail into the mailbox, click on evidence, and put back road cones. Have fun!