Crazy Kiss Racer Game

On this page, you'll play the game Crazy Kiss Racer, one of your best free kissing games!!! A reckless couple drives off and outside town to celebrate their love for each other. They cannot keep their hands off each other and they have to kiss even while they are driving. It is dangerous since they are on the fast lane and there are cars zooming in from the opposite direction. But this couple is desperate to kiss each other even when he is steering the car. Help this reckless couple steer their car at safe distances from other cars and kiss while they are driving on the highway. Avoid other cars by moving their car from the left side of the road to the right side. But be careful, when the car is moving from one side to the other the couple cannot kiss, for their entire concentration needs to be on the road. Nothing will stop this pair from kissing, so keep them safe as they maintain high speed. You can only move from one side to the other, and sometimes there are cars on either side. So you have to be very careful, else love will lose and their car will crash.

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Crazy Kiss Racer Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Begin playing the Crazy Kiss Racer game by LEFT CLICKING on the PLAY button. Once you enter the game, you have to use both MOUSE CONTROL and KEYBOARD CONTROL to play the game. LEFT CLICK and HOLD down mouse to make the couple kiss. USE LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW keys of the keyboard to steer the car to the sides of the road. You cannot use the mouse control and keyboard controls together, for they cannot kiss and steer the car at the same time. If your car crashes into another car, LEFT CLICK on the PLAY ONE MORE TIME button to begin the level again. CLICK on the BACK button to start playing from the beginning.
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