Da Bomb Game

On this page, you'll play the game Da Bomb, one of your best free destruction games!!! Da Bomb is an interesting game in which you will have to reach for the bomb before it detonates. The bombs that you will encounter throughout the levels have a unique working mechanism that will be triggered when you walk too much on the newly created paths. Because of this, even though there are many paths that you might choose, only one will be the truly correct one. Pay attention and good luck!

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Da Bomb Game controls, cheat codes, ...
LEFT click on Play to start the game. In order to move your soldier, you will have to build a bridge. LEFT click on one end of the gap to start drawing with the pencil. Afterwards, you can hold the LEFT mouse button in order to draw a line to the other end of the gap. LEFT click on the Detonate button to have your soldier start running towards the bomb.
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