Dan Bakugan Tractor Game

On this page, you'll play the game Dan Bakugan Tractor, one of your best free bakugan games!!! This amazing race game involves a number of hurdles that you are expected to cross. You need to drive this heavy tractor over cliff roads and yet maintain its balance. You need to use your judgement as to when you should accelerate the car and when you should let go so that the balance of this heavy car is maintained while crossing the hurdles. If your car overturns it will crash.

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To begin the game select START GAME. The car can be moved forward with the help of the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard. You will be given three chances to complete the given level. Press the UP key when you want the car to move forward and accelerate to climb heights. Let go of the key and see the car climb done the heights. An intelligent combination of these two keys will help you win.
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