Dead Paradise Game

On this page, you'll play the game Dead Paradise, one of your best free off road games!!! Dead Paradise has its background in a beautiful and normal city that has been destroyed by some calamity or war. Now, it is equal to racing with death to take a drive from one point to another. There are various bonus elements to help you on the way that offer ammunition, fuel, repair, and cash to help you progress in the game. So, pick them up as you progress. There are also enemies trying to kill you. So, keep a watch on your life meter. Reach the finish line successfully to progress in the game. After each level, you can use the cash that you picked up to upgrade the vehicle. Quite an interesting game that combines the fantasies of action fans with the dreams of stunt-driving fans!

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Dead Paradise Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click the PLAY button and click on NEW GAME to proceed. You can control the car by using the UP arrow or W key = accelerate. Read through the story and follow the instructions to continue playing. You can choose to take a partner by clicking the YES or NO button. Then, choose your ride and click GO. The other navigation keys are DOWN arrow or S = brake, LEFT arrow or A and RIGHT arrow or D = lean back or forward and balance the vehicle. You can use Z or < key = turn gun backward and the X or > key = turn gun forward. Gun shoots automatically when an enemy approaches. Use the SPACE key = launch rockets. Keep an eye on your life meter. Reach the finish line successfully to complete the level. Don?t forget to pick up the bonus elements on the way.
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