Desert Rage 3D Game

On this page, you'll play the game Desert Rage 3D, one of your best free 3d motorcycle games!!! If you want to be a successful biker, you need to ride your bike all day long and start doing tricks on different tracks. Today, you have the possibility to start working on your trial bike license and there are five tracks available for you to ride on. However, you need to succeed on each one to unlock the next track and you have to avoid falling. On the other hand, you can pull of a few tricks to have more fun.

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Desert Rage 3D Game controls, cheat codes, ...
As the game loads, you can enter the level selection menu by LEFT CLICKING on the PLAY button. There are multiple levels available and you can select one of them with a LEFT CLICK. As the bike appears at the starting line, you can accelerate it with the UP key and you can slow down with the DOWN key. If you want to balance the bike, you can use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys.
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