Digimon Vs Zombies Game

On this page, you'll play the game Digimon Vs Zombies, one of your best free fighting games!!! Digimon vs Zombies is a combat game where you can choose to play any one of the characters that goes about killing the zombies with its unique weapon. Each character comes with its own special weapons and abilities. The tips indicate the number of zombies you can expect. Some zombies require more than one shot of your weapon to kill. Be careful not to get hit by the zombies, especially when they start coming in waves.

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Digimon Vs Zombies Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click the START GAME button to get started. Choose between 1P MODE and 2P MODE and choose the character you want to play. Select the game background. Click with the LEFT mouse button to make your choices. You can control your character by using the WASD keys. W = move up, S = move down, A = move back, D = move forward. To attack the zombies, use J = to use your weapon, K = jump high, L = block the zombies.
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