Drag the City Game

On this page, you'll play the game Drag the City, one of your best free drag racing games!!! Drag the City is drag racing game where you take on other popular contestants of the city?s drag racing circuit. Each contestant comes with their specialties and limitations. You win the race and you gain the opponent?s car. The trick is to shift gears at the right time to help you gain speed and drag through to the finish, in the first position. To win the drag race, you need to focus on shifting gears when you are in the green range. Too quick a shifting or too slow a shifting can adversely affect your winning potential. Participate in this drag racing contest and see how many opponents you can beat!

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Drag the City Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click the START button to launch the game. Choose your ride from the options; you can only select unlocked cars. Click the CONTINUE button to proceed. Choose your opponent. Click the RACE button to get started with the game. You can control your car by using the UP arrow = accelerate and the SPACE key = shift gears. Keep an eye on the speedometer and other gauges to shift gears, at the right time.
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