Dress Up Shop Autumn Collection Game

On this page, you'll play the game Dress Up Shop Autumn Collection, one of your best free fashion games!!! This flash game is based on the background of a fashion apparel shop, where you need to help the young sales woman to bring the right product for her customers. Prior bringing the outfit for her clients, she needs to listen to their requirement carefully. If she brings the right garment for her customers it will make the customer happy and the customers will clear the payment. If she fails to get the apparel on time, it will make the customer offended and he will leave the shop. Here you need to deal with different fashion apparels for both men and women. So follow their instructions carefully and try to satisfy customers with their required dress items. The more you can sell the more income will be added to the cashbox.

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Dress Up Shop Autumn Collection Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on the PLAY button to start the task. When a customer will enter the room and sit on the couch. MOVE the mouse to him and CLICK on him. Follow his requirement on the balloon, showing above the head. CLICK on the fashion item from the display model that you can relate with the requirement. Move the saleswoman to the model and CLICK on the item to pick the item. CLICK on the required color then from the color display box showing after selecting the apparel while picking up the dress. Here the lady can select up to three outfits. once you pick the item. CLICK on the customer to back to her give the right item. Once the customer will collect the product he will move to the cash counter. CLICK on him to pay the cash, and the deal is over. Follow the same steps with other customers. If you fail to fulfil the requirement on time, you will be failed .CLICK on REPLAY button to start the game once more.
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