Dress Up Games

Dress up games are games of a different nature, and will have different goals in them. Aimed at a younger audience, these games can end up getting quite tricky, if your aim is to score points. They feature a whole host of different characters depending on what you will choose. Read more about our 302 dress up games ...

Some of the characters that are featured in these dress-up games are characters from well-known movies, television shows and cartoons. This isn't always the case, however. Some of these games just have characters that are made up for them. Some of them will be princesses, others will be generic characters that you can change depending on your own mood. You can easily turn someone into a nurse, a nun or a fire-woman with a simple click of your mouse. The games here will also be set on timers, so you will have a certain amount of time to dress them up appropriately. A few of these games can get incredibly competitive as well. If you are looking for hours of fun and entertainment, then this is certainly something to consider. You will need to take a look at how you can hone your own skills making all of this better.
  1. Dress Up X Men
  2. Dress Up Yu Gi Oh
  3. Asian Traditional Dress Up 1
  4. Dress Up Halloween Smash
  5. Dress Up Beren Saat
  6. Dress Up Pregnant Woman
  7. Dress Up Naruto Couple
  8. Dress Up Mom and Baby Princess
  9. Dress Up Vegeta
  10. Dress Up Nami
  11. Dress Up Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Happy Valentine
  12. Dress Up Didi Game
  13. Bikini Team Dress Up
  14. Dress Up 90's
  15. Dress Up Simulator
  16. Dress Up Bloom Fashion
  17. Dress Up Shirley
  18. Cinderella Sleeping
  19. Willow Smith Dress Up
  20. Dress Up Yoda
  21. Avatar Amour
    Avatar Amour 0 506 Avatar Amour Avatar Amour
  22. Dress Up Zendaya
  23. Emo Club Leader
  24. Dress Up Springtime
  25. Dress Up Winx Club
  26. Dress Up Jennifer Lopez
  27. Cocktail Party Prep
  28. Prints Charming
  29. Dress Up Nicki Doll
  30. Dress Up Prom Preparation
  31. Dress Up 80's
  32. Dress Up Nice Girl
  33. Emily's Diary Our Small Friends
  34. Appointment at Night
  35. Dress Up Mirrors
  36. Dress Up Cole and Dylan Sprouse
  37. Dress Up Mom and Baby
  38. Indian Girl Dress Up
  39. American Movie Star Dress Up
  40. Video Game Couple Creater
  41. Kayla Fashion Dressup
  42. Dress Up Fashion Girl
  43. Dee and Le Bun Dress Up
  44. Dress Up Fairy Tail
  45. Dress Up Twilight 4
  46. Dress Up 50 Cent
  47. Dress Up Fashion Mode
  48. Dress Me For Party
  49. Dress Up Emo Girl
  50. Dress Up Monster High Werecat
  51. Fall Wedding Dress Up
  52. Dress Up Ballerina
  53. Dress Up Princess Jasmine Aladdin
  54. Oversized
    Oversized 0 224 Oversized Oversized
  55. Dress Up Ninja
  56. Dress Up Hinata Temari and Sakura
  57. Dress Up Kim Kardashian
  58. Happy Holi
    Happy Holi 0 213 Happy Holi Happy Holi
  59. Dress Up for Girls
  60. Celebrity Red Carpet Show
  61. Dress Up Kakashi
  62. Dress Up Mery Streep
  63. Happy Summer Time
  64. Gorgeous Flower Gowns
  65. Dress Up Modern Girl
  66. Inna Ballerina Dress Up
  67. Dress Up Zombie Girl
  68. Dress Up Fantasy Dolls
  69. Diva Dress Up
  70. Dress Up Uniform
  71. Mardi Grass Carnival Makeover
  72. Gorgeous Wedding Dressup
  73. My Cute Girlfriend
  74. Dress Up Relooking
  75. Dress Up Chibi Girl
  76. Dress for Paparazzi
  77. Baroque Revival
  78. Figure Skating
  79. Ava and Maria Conjoined Twins Dress Up
  80. Air Element Dress Up
  81. Dougie Poynter Dress Up
  82. Dress Up Kim Possible
  83. The Ghost Finders
  84. Dress Up Tokio Hotel
  85. Dress Up Sandy's Candy Hairstyle
  86. Varsity Jacket Dress Up
  87. Asian Traditional Dress Up 2
  88. Tinker Bell Dress Up
  89. Kissing In The Park
  90. Dress Up Mode 2012
  91. Dress Up Angel Girl
  92. Dress Up 2 Girls
  93. Dress Up Harry Potter 7 Clothes
  94. Dress Up the Heart Breaker
  95. Dress Up Draculaura
  96. Dress Up and Make Up Young Woman
  97. Flintstone Family Dress Up
  98. Dress Up Fashion Star
  99. Dress Up Summer Date
  100. Dress Up Beachwear
  101. Scary Lily Dress Up
  102. Dress Up Iron Man
  103. Glee Dress Up
  104. Dress Up Justin Bieber
  105. Cute Baker
    Cute Baker 0 113 Cute Baker Cute Baker
  106. Dress Up Young Girl
  107. Dress Up 60's
  108. Cartoon Doll Emporium
  109. Casual Glam Dress Up
  110. The Legend Of Korea Dress Up
  111. Dress Up Manga Girl
  112. Dress Up Cool 70's Fashions
  113. Sailor Moon Dress Up
  114. Dress Up Mania
  115. Dress Up Musa Winx
  116. Barbie Girl Dress
  117. Seaside Holiday Dress Up
  118. Playing With The Shuttlecock
  119. Halloween Party Dress Up
  120. Dress Up Dream
  121. 50 Cent Dress Up
  122. Dress Up 4 Girls
  123. Hatsune Miku Dress Up
  124. Fat Couple Dress Up
  125. Singer Dress Up
  126. Valentine Day
  127. Dress Up With Bart Simpson
  128. Dress Up Naruto Trio
  129. iPhone Girl Dress Up
  130. Dress Up Teen Girl
  131. Autumn Wedding Girl
  132. Sparkle and Shine Dress Up
  133. Dress Up Fashion Designer New-York
  134. Fantasy Party Dress Up
  135. Cheerleaders Dress Up
  136. Dress Up Farm
  137. Hippie Dress Up
  138. Dress Up Lufy
  139. Dress Up Beautiful Girl
  140. Fairy Summer Dress Up
  141. Dress Up Young Couple
  142. Dress Up Bratz
  143. Bad Girl Dress
  144. St Pratrick's Day
  145. Valentine's Day Dress Up Game
  146. Dress Up Maternity Service
  147. Spectacular Neon Colors
  148. Dress Up 4 Seasons
  149. Fantasy Tinker Bell Dress Up
  150. Winter Wonder
  151. Dress Up Winx Believix
  152. Pet Girl Dress Up
  153. Zac Efron Make up and Dress Up
  154. Dubai Dress-Up
  155. British Party Fascinator Hats
  156. Roller Girl
  157. Father and Son
  158. Dress Up Movie Theater
  159. Dress Up Asian Girl
  160. Tulips and Spring Dress
  161. Dress Up Teenager
  162. Empire State Rooftop Party
  163. Blossom Power Puff Dress Up
  164. Cosplay Dress Up
  165. Jonas Bros. Dress Up
  166. Dress Up for Princess
  167. Dress Up Pretty Designer
  168. Autumn Rain Dress Up
  169. Bambi Dress Up
  170. American Dragon Jake Dress Up
  171. Fiona Dress Up
  172. Dress Up Room
  173. Gloves Madness
  174. Casual Chic Dress Up
  175. Dress Up Funky Eyelashes
  176. Chipmunks Dress Up
  177. Dress Up Tiny Little Girl
  178. Akari Dress Up
  179. Dress Up for the Pool
  180. Dress Up Zac and Vanessa
  181. Tutankamon Dress Up
  182. Sweet and Elegant Dress Up
  183. Michelle Obama Dress Up
  184. Dress Up Bukia
  185. Wrestling Hero
  186. Dress Up Prom Night
  187. Personal Secretary Dress Up
  188. Schoolgirl Dress Up
  189. Kylie Kabuki Cutie
  190. Dress Up Indian Girl
  191. Family Picnic
  192. Summer in Paris
  193. Winter Backpacker
  194. Cyanne Viva La France
  195. Candy Rocking Star
  196. Lora & Sonia Dress Up
  197. Fashion Girl At Karon Beach
  198. Mermaid Hair and Make Up
  199. Famous Ballerina
  200. Art Print
    Art Print 0 49 Art Print Art Print
  201. Dress Fairy Freya
  202. Famke Janssen
  203. Dress Up Opereta
  204. Me and My Dad
  205. Chic Dress Up
  206. Dress up Hanami
  207. My Mom Dress Up
  208. Dress Up CDE
  209. Family Guy Stewie Dress Up
  210. Polka Dots Fashion Dress Up
  211. Skipper's Spring Break
  212. Karaoke Night Prep
  213. Magic Cards Dressup
  214. Cute Doll Dress Up
  215. Swimming Pool
  216. Mermaid Mix n Match
  217. Dress Up and Hairstyle on the Beach
  218. Trendy Doll Dress Up
  219. Cartoon Doll Dress Up
  220. Casual Beauty
  221. Curious George Dress Up
  222. Picnic Beauty Dress Up
  223. Kick Buttowski
  224. Walking The Pig In The Rain
  225. Spanish Senorita
  226. Cool Guitarist Dress Up
  227. Aquarium Dress Up
  228. Dress Up Kate Winslet
  229. Twin Girls Dress Up
  230. Couple at Home
  231. Ballerina Dream
  232. Disney Holiday Dress Up
  233. Shop Dummy
    Shop Dummy 0 32 Shop Dummy Shop Dummy
  234. Asian Party Dress Up
  235. Elegant Dress Up
  236. City Dress Up
  237. Pucca Dress-up
  238. Sunday Girl Dress Up
  239. Kimono Dress Up
  240. Grandparent's Sushi Date
  241. Dress Up Yujones
  242. Jazzboy Dress Up
  243. The Next Top Emo
  244. Green Valley
  245. Sweet Flight Attendant Dress Up
  246. Tylie Dress Up
  247. Harlem Shake Dress Up
  248. Puzzle Fun
    Puzzle Fun 0 27 Puzzle Fun Puzzle Fun
  249. Spring Fashion Dress Up
  250. Lolita Dress Up
  251. Happy Family Dress
  252. Psy Dress Up Gangnam Style
  253. Traditional Cartoon Doll Dress Up
  254. Concert Dress Up
  255. Me & My Companion Cube
  256. Flower Fairy Hairstyles
  257. Beauty Flora Dress Up
  258. Dress Venice
  259. Elephant Dress Up
  260. Alien Dress Up
  261. My Treasure
  262. Happy Cook
    Happy Cook 0 22 Happy Cook Happy Cook
  263. Happy Painting Dress Up
  264. Tomboy Style
  265. Paranormal Monster Dressup
  266. Rag Doll Dress Up
  267. We Can Do It
  268. My Best Friend Dress Up
  269. Cute Groundhog Dress Up
  270. Dress Up and Coloring
  271. Winter Dress Up
  272. Kokeshi Dress Up
  273. Adventure Dress Up
  274. Floral Prints Dress Up
  275. Cute Butterfly Fairy 1
  276. Cute Guitar Girl Dress Up 2
  277. Katie Dress Up
  278. Little Fairy Dress Up
  279. Summer Kids Dress Up
  280. Time For A Stroll
  281. Tango or Tap Dress Up
  282. Cute Chenguen Dress Up
  283. Love Tester with Friends
  284. Dress Up in the Garden
  285. Cute Butterfly Fairy
  286. Dress Up Sonic the Hedgehog