Drive To Wreck Game

On this page, you'll play the game Drive To Wreck , one of your best free destruction games!!! Today is the first day in which you work as crane operator and you already have a wrecking ball mounted on your vehicle. These being said, you might already know that you will have to destroy a series of buildings in order to receive enough points to go for the next level. However, you should also take in consideration the fact that it will be rather difficult to steer the crane over bumpy roads, so watch the damage meter!

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Drive To Wreck Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Left click on the Play button to start the game. The crane will appear on the screen and you will be able to control it using the arrow keys. Use the UP arrow to accelerate and the DOWN arrow to apply brakes. Use the LEFT arrow to lean backwards and the RIGHT arrow to lean forward if you want to better control over the crane.
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