Duckmageddon Game

On this page, you'll play the game Duckmageddon, one of your best free hunting games!!! The duck hunting season has barely opened and you are already on the field, having your shotgun loaded. The ducks are aware of your presence and they are constantly making a run for it. However, you will have to be prepared in order to shoot any of them that leaves the bushes. You will be rewarded for the ducks that you take down and a better accuracy will also bring you more points.

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Duckmageddon Game controls, cheat codes, ...
You are required to only use the mouse in this game and you can LEFT click on the Start button. You can freely move the target with the mouse on the screen and in order to shoot, you will have to LEFT click. You will sometimes have to reload, and you will have to simply LEFT click in the lower right corner. At the end of the level, click Continue for a new level.
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