Dune Buggy Games

Some gamers prefer bikes. Others prefer cars. But if you prefer buggies, that shouldn't be a problem; you can play these dune buggy games anytime you want! There are different types of games here, from classic racing games to buggy balancing games. Which game do you think is most addictive? Read more about our 41 dune buggy games ...

Play these dune buggy games and see which one suits you. In Buggy Car, you get to drive a dune buggy through rough terrain. Your goal is to collect as many medals as you can while you tilt your buggy to prevent it from flipping over. In Kaamos Rally RC, you have to tap your steering skills to drive the buggy through all checkpoints under record time. If you can navigate your vehicle through the track without driving into the surrounding landscape, your buggy won't slow down. For younger gamers, try Buggy Tuning. In this game, you can customize the appearance of your buggy by dragging and dropping different parts onto the old buggy. You can change to color of the buggy, redesign its hood, recolor the roof, get new mags, change the bumper, and even sport a nice flag. There is something here for gamers of all ages. Enjoy!