Elite Unit 2 Game

On this page, you'll play the game Elite Unit 2, one of your best free shooting games!!! Being an Elite Unit soldier is a cherished desire of every warrior. However, to be this special type of soldier, you need to pass many tests. Specially the Final test, classified with three different missions of slaughtering enemies is the main step to qualify for this special category of soldiers. In this game, you need to cross these three special missions of killing enemies to achieve the recognition of an Elite Unit soldier. Play this interesting game to fulfil the wish.

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Elite Unit 2 Game controls, cheat codes, ...
To Play CLICK on PLAY button. To get guidelines on the game, CLICK on INSTRUCTIONS button. CLICK On the MISSION , that you want to start with. Entering the game, CLICK on PLAY button once more to begin the mission of killing enemies. Once you see enemies target them with the pointer of the mouse. CLICK on the LEFT of the mouse to shoot them as soon as possible. Try to maintain accuracy of shot, target and headshot to gain a good score, otherwise the game will be over showing your incapability and you need to go back to start it again.
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